Crystal ball: Which 3 areas of Cambridge are likely to increase in the most value in 2018

In a report issued back in 2015, property company JJO stated that Cambridge would be one of the areas in the UK likely to gain in value before 2020. Clearly there have been influences on the UK property market since that announcement, and while things may not have entirely went to plan, there is still long term positivity about what Cambridge has to offer. This is definitely the case for the Cambridge property market and at Cambridge Property Blog; we have looked at three areas of Cambridge that are likely to increase in value in 2018.

Sometimes property prices rise on an expectation about what is happen. You only have to consider the impact that the Crossrail system has had on various parts of London. There is no denying that the suitability of good transport options positively impacts on demand, and then price, for an area and this is why it is worth keeping tabs on the possibility of a new station in Cambridge.

A new station will transform the Cambridge property market
If the plans for a Cambridge South station are approved, you can expect property in this area to rise in price, and of course, there will be new developments scheduled for the area too. All of this means that this part of the CB2 postcode area is well worth considering.

It would also be wrong to discount the city centre of Cambridge. The area around the central station has long been a popular one and many people believe that Mill Road has a lot to offer to families. This means that the CB1 postcode area is still going to have a lot to offer, particularly if some people are tempted to drift out south or west from the city centre.

The CB4 postcode area may be worth considering
When it comes to considering the benefits of heading west in Cambridge the area that is served by the Science Park and the Cambridge North station is well worth considering. This is the CB4 postcode area, and while all of the three areas mentioned are close by to existing rail stations or proposed stations, this is perfectly understandable. The development benefits across the entire city of an improved rail connection are well worth bearing in mind.

With the proposed Cambridge South station being a closer link to London and the hopes for an improved East-West connection, there is a great deal going on with respect to the city. When you add in the discussions about an underground metro system connecting the city, there is a lot to be excited about in the Cambridge property market.

The property market has experienced a few blows in recent times, but there is a great deal to be enthusiastic and optimistic about the future. If you want to stay in touch with the latest happenings in the Cambridge property market, make sure that you keep in touch with Cambridge Property Blog.

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