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The Cambridge property market is a vibrant one, with many great properties and locations to consider. Finding the best option for your needs can be difficult but the Cambridge Property Blog is on hand to help you uncover the best areas, know what the house prices are and find out about certain locations with our area guides. Whether you are buying, selling, renting or looking to let in Cambridge, our price guides, rental yields and information on property services like conveyancing, mortgages, surveys and removals will keep you fully informed about the Cambridge property market.

Local Areas


Located in the east of Cambridge, Abbey has a wide coverage, stretching into the central and northern areas of the city. This means that there is a wide variety of options for housing and social activity in Abbey, making it an appealing choice for many people.


An affordable area of Cambridge, playing host to the library and a wide range of shops, Arbury has a crime rate that is lower than many parts of central Cambridge. This is an area with plenty of character and reasons to enjoy local life.


Found in the north west of Cambridge, Castle is an area that could draw on its historical value and merit but thankfully, there are many fantastic reasons why this is the place to consider renting or buying property in the present.

4Cherry Hinton

Cherry Hinton is a popular suburb of Cambridge with a lot to offer. The local High Street is a vibrant and busy area, with a strong local economy supported by a number of industrial areas in the ward. Cherry Hinton is a fantastic choice for people looking to enjoy all of what Cambridge offers.


Coleridge is close to the heart of Cambridge but would be classed as being in the south east of the city. The convenient location makes it an excellent option for people looking to get around the area while having a dependable base to return to.

6East Chesterton

Found in the north east of Cambridge, East Chesterton has a lot to offer. This is a popular area for housing and the development of Cambridge North Rail Station, which started running in May of 2017, has helped to make the area more attractive to many people.


So much more than the TV series which shares its name, Grantchester is located to the south of Cambridge. This is an area of great historical interest and importance but the area has kept pace with modern life, making it a suitable option.

8King’s Hedges

King’s Hedge’s is regarded as one of the most successful estates in Cambridge and there is a lot going on in the local area. Public transport is a great option in this part of the city but with good local schools, a few well regarded pubs and plenty of shops, there is a lot to enjoy here.


As the name suggests, Market is central in Cambridge, much the same way that the area has been central to people’s lives for a considerable period of time in the local area. If you want a place to stay that combines tradition with modern options, Market is a great choice.


Newnham is regarded as one of the more affluent parts of Cambridge and you’ll often see this area listed in nationwide polls or studies of great areas to live. With this in mind, Newnham is a Cambridge area in great demand.


With strong links to the University, Petersfield is an area that has been viewed as the ideal place to stay for employees working in the further education sector. With this in mind, the area has a lot to offer with respect to socialising and nightlife, making it a fine choice for professionals.

12Queen Edith’s

Lying in the south of Cambridge, with a central location, Queen Edith’s is a fantastic location with a number of amenities on hand. Addenbrooke’s Hospital, Homerton College and a number of well-regarded educational options are found here.


Romsey has long been regarded as the home of the working classes in Cambridge and while there have been significant developments in this part of the city, it is still an area that is proud of its roots and its history over the years.


Found on the outskirts of Cambridge, Trumpington has a lot to offer and is ideal for people looking to enjoy the best of both city and country life. One claim to fame that Trumpington has is that Pink Floyd guitarists Dave Gilmour grew up in the area.

15West Chesterton

With West Chesterton combining with East Chesterton to make (unsurprisingly) up the Chesterton area, this is a well-regarded area in the north of the city. With strong transport links to the heart of Cambridge and beyond, this area is a fine choice.

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